Sub Chakra vs Noctilux | Innamind vs System | Halloween Massive


Sub Chakra vs Noctilux | Innamind vs System | Halloween Massive

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November 1st
Sub Chakra & Noctilux Collective present:

Innamind Recordings vs System Music

Two of the biggest dubstep labels on the planet face off this Halloween weekend at The Studio Space with an all out soundclash!

with label boss KURSK

Coming off consecutive appearances at Bass Coast Festival, Kursk is the owner and curator of Innamind Recordings - A label that is dubbed as “one of the most forward-thinking bass music labels representing the deeper side of the 140bpm spectrum.”

Kursk and Innamind have helped give rise to some of the scenes most talented artists including Gantz, EVA808, Ago, Bengal Sound, LAS and Karma to name a few.

With over 10 years of selecting, Kursk's upfront access to exclusives and dubplates are unmatched. At a young age, Jeremy regularly attended Subtle Sound System nights in his hometown in Christchurch, New Zealand - giving him strong roots in foundational dub culture. During this time, he developed a passion for soundsystem music and collecting vinyl records. Soon-after, he began honing his skills as a DJ. Through these inspirations, Kursk eventually shifted his focus and in 2011, founded what now is Innamind Recordings.

Innamind Recordings is known for delivering stripped-back sounds built for maximum physical impact. Expect chest-pummeling sub frequencies, incisive percussive detailing and devastating freshness from a meticulously curated roster of talent.

Kursk is also the co-owner of the more experimental off-shoot Blacklist that has seen releases from the likes of Gantz, LAS, Egoless, Commodo and V.I.V.E.K.

with label boss Vivek

Whether it’s as an artist, label owner, deep-drawing world-touring selector or system-building soundman of London’s most important dances, V.I.V.E.K constantly drives to push things forward and contribute to the craft with serious attention to detail. A life-long student of soundsystem culture, he has total respect to the heritage, value and culture of true music and an ability to totally arrest your attention and imagination with his music since his emergence in the early 2000s.

Musically pressed and blessed on key imprints such as his own System Music, Deep Medi, Tectonic and iconic reggae imprint Greensleeves, V.I.V.E.K’s creations are a crucial brew of bass styles encompassing everything from heavyweight bass hypnosis to flighty, steppy garage hybrids via sweet dub soul and all-out low-end pressure. Meanwhile, his handbuilt soundsystem 'SYSTEM', is a unique force of nature in UK bass music culture. The most prominent modern system to be established this decade, it’s a whole new chapter in the UK’s longstanding and illustrious history of barrier-breaking soundystem communities. As such, it has become a school of culture, attracting selectors across the soundsystem music spectrum and fans from around the globe.
His label System Music has the same treasured and trusted status; not only as a source of legit never-to-be-repressed artefacts that prize the real value of music, but also as a platform that advocates forward-thinking system music from across the originating to freshmen continuum. Karma to Kromestar, Sleeper to SP:MC, LAS to Egoless: System Music’s celebration of bass music and nurturing of talent and craft ensures its consistent buy-on-sight ranking.

Most importantly it’s as a selector that V.I.V.E.K’s position is the most vital. A tailor of rich, immersive and eclectic sessions, few DJs dig as deep, join the dots or draw for dubs quite like this West London operator. Accentuating his influence as a producer, engineer, dubsmith, label curator and system builder; his creative excursions and candid ear prove his status as one of the most respected, influential and singular artists - Driven by nothing but craftsmanship, unity and the sense of culture and pushing UK bass music to constantly thrive and inspire.

with a Sub Chakra vs Noctilux Collective soundclash special

Metafloor vs SMBR
Syntax (all vinyl set) vs Sanctuary
Method Sound

504 42 Ave SE

10-4am | 18+
Visuals by SwaggaCats


This event is a safe environment for anyone present. Harassment of any form including but not limited to gender identity, racial, cultural, or religious affiliation, physical size, any form of disability or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Sub Chakra & Noctilux Collective strongly believes in building trust networks of mutual aid that allow us to effectively handle conflicts and move towards security and transformative justice.

Sub Chakra "Hosts" will be present and easily spotted with branded lanyards and verbally identified throughout the show. These individuals have received formal bystander training and will do their best to ensure a safe environment for all.

For any further questions, feel free to contact Carissa Gem, Jonny Ng, Blaine Kingcott and Joe Vizmg

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